The Valentin agency helps and supports you to find love

Our team is based in Moscow, Russia. Our female members are all serious and have the desire to find a man for a long term relationship, leading to marriage. Our base contains our own members, as well as women from our partner agencies all across Eastern Europe.

Our staff is French and Russian and we all speak French.

Personal data safety

Serious relationships only

French-speaking agency

Personalized service

Together with the team, we have one mission : find the woman who will share your life, and create all the necessary conditions for you to meet.

Finding a partner is a difficult process in today's society. New encounters are rare, and often disappointing. Our team of specialists is here to help you so that you don't lose your time, your money, and most importantly your feelings.

We are taking care of everything and I expect just one thing from you : open your heart.

Valentin Le Normand
Founder and CEO

Quality personalized meetings

Nowadays, it's become difficult to make good encounters or even to find time for them. Indeed, our jobs take a lot of time and going out after a full day or work doesn't seem ideal. The Valentin agency is here to save your time. We do not believe in automatisation - our professionals are searching manually for profiles corresponding to your criteria, and our service is personalised to every client. Our system prevents you from bad surprises and disappointments. The agency takes pride in securing serious dates for you so you can to find your soulmate.

Valentin agency method


Welcome form

You fill in our welcome form so that we can assess your compatibility with eastern women. This step is free of charge and we guarantee a quick analysis and feedback.


Love check up

We'll get in touch with you for a personal appointment to take stock of your love life. This step is necessary to understand who you are and to outline the profile of the woman who's right for you.



The purpose of this stage is to select profiles of agency members who match your criteria. This selection is made up of profiles that you select on the agency's website, members not visible on the website that we will propose to you, and also young women that we will search for via our partners on the basis of your criteria. In all cases, you validate the profiles and the women validate your profile - this is what we call "matchmaking". At the end of the matchmaking process, you'll have selected around 10 women.


First contact

To give you every chance of success, we organize video meetings with the women selected during the matchmaking process. During these meetings, if you don't share a common language with the young woman, we'll offer you the assistance of a translator from the agency who will translate your conversation and, if necessary, help guide the discussion. By the end of this stage, you've validated an average of 5 member profiles who would also like to meet you in person. You'll receive their telephone numbers.


The first date

It's time to move from the virtual to the real and meet these young women. We'll help you organize your trip to Eastern Europe and schedule your meetings. During your stay, if you wish, you will be accompanied by a bilingual assistant who will help you with communication. We take care of facilitating your trip so that you can concentrate fully on your meetings without worrying about the details. You'll meet between 3 and 5 women over a series of appointments in restaurants or during social events (walks in the park, indoor or outdoor activities). After each meeting, we discuss your feelings with you and give you feedback on the young woman's impressions. By the end of your stay, you've begun to build relationships with 1, 2 or 3 young women.



At this stage, you'll be starting a long-distance relationship with one or more young women, giving you a chance to test your feelings over time after the thrill of the trip. You have the option of returning to meet those you wish to see again in the country or, if you both feel ready, of inviting her to your country so that she can discover your surroundings. Even if you're inviting a young woman to your country, we'll help you organize all the administrative formalities for the trip and the stay.



Our service ends when you find the right person and start a relationship. That's our mission and our commitment to you. The agency's advice on administrative formalities, wedding organization and couple communication remains accessible, and you benefit from the agency's network of former clients, with the aim of integrating your partner into your country and helping her to settle in as smoothly as possible.

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