Is your future wife live in Eastern Europe ?

Are you looking to meet the right Eastern woman for a serious relationship?

Our international agency specializing in meetings and marriages between French men and Eastern European women will help you in your search for your soul mate.

Safety for your personal data

Serious relationships only

French speaking agency

Tailored assistance

A platform to find your soulmate

Our platform allows you to find the woman of your dreams among our beautiful members. The profiles are detailed so that you can quickly assess your compatibility levels, and we help you plan your first dates.

The Valentin Method


Welcoming form

As a very first step, fill in our form so we can estimate your compatibility with eastern european women. This process is completely free and we give you a quick response with our personal analysis of your potential.


Love checkup

We schedule a call for your love checkup. This is the step where we get to know you closer, and can start to draw a picture of the woman and the relationship you are looking for. Then we create your profile and make it attractive so we can show it to woman.



At this step, you have access to all kinds of profile from our site, our secret premium base, as well as our partner-agencies all across the country. Your job is to select your favorite ladies - and then we introduce your profile to them. If the interest is reciprocal, it is a match. The goal at the end of this step is to get around 10 matches.


First contact

For you to have the best chances to succeed, we schedule video calls with women you chose during the matchmaking. If you don't have any language in common, we provide a translator from the agency to assist you. At the end of this step, you've secured 5 women's profiles willing to meet you in real life. You get their contact info.


The meetings

Time to switch from virtuality to reality ! We help you organise your journey to Russia and plan the dates. During your trip, you can chose to be helped by a assistant-translator for communication and logistics. We make your trip easy so that you can focus on your dates. You will meet 5 women, either once or several times depending on how you bond. We plan the dates for you, help you choose restaurants or activities to do, and even buy flowers that you can offer. At the end of the trip, you'll have built usually closer links with 1, 2 or 3 women.


The confirmation

At this step, you will start a long distance relationship with one or several women.That's the time when you get to know each other through texts and calls, and see if you feelings stay after the strong emotions of your trip. You can come back to meet her/them again, or even invite a woman to your country if you both feel ready. In that case, we assist you to help her get her visa and plan her journey.


The conclusion

Our service is done when you found the right person and are officially a couple. This is our mission and commitment towards you. The agency is still available for advice about legal matters and wedding planing. You'll also have access to our former clients network to help your new wife find her place in your country.

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